RiLAXapp 1.54

Are you stressed? Do you feel that everything is wrong? Relaxation is essential for a healthy and fulfilling life.

Mindfulness RiLAXapp PREMIUM – sounds and effects to aid your anxiety

Can't relax? In 15 minutes you will, or less.

Us body and mind need relax, this way improved us health and coexistence with others.


** Relax your mind and body **

** Stress Management **

** Mental Health to a best productivity **

** Sweet dreams to wake up with energy **

** Be happy and positive with your friends and family **

** Peace **

** No more medicine to relax **

** …And enjoy your LIFE. **

What's RiLAXapp?

A magical way of Relax, Lucid Dreams, Meditation, stress Management and improve your life by combining sounds and images of magical nature. With practice you will be consciousness of your reality.

How do I use?

You must:

1.- Find a quiet place or where you feel comfortable, and remove all distractions,

2.- For a better experience use headphones,

3.- Put your mind in “White”,

4.- There are different Atmospheres with images and sounds of nature, you should focus only on the chosen Atmosphere and enjoy interacting with the screen that displayed images and sounds that will help you in your relax.

5.- It’s perfect for a romantic moment, Spa, yoga, massaging sessions, help your baby fall asleep, in your work, study or reading a book.

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RiLAXapp 1.54